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Our Passion Is To Become International Footballers.

Gideon Justice Akom and Ibrahim Haruna are both form 3 students,they are 15 and 13 years respectively. Gideon is a pupil of H.S Bannerman whiles Ibrahim attends Mamprobi South ‘4’ on the same compound, it’s a cluster of schools.

Our Passion Is To Become International Footballers.

On my way back home from a report I went to take at Accra, I decided to take the school compound park as my path back home. As I made my way through the park to the gate,I took a glance at these vibrant boys training for the day.

Not even on second thought,I approached these boys and engaged in a chit-chat conversation with them. Initially, I thought they were in form one or two and wanted to inquire from them how they keep track of their studies as they are at home. After exchanging the normal pleasantries,the older one responded and told me they are in form 3 to the question I asked.

Upon recording that,I then asked why they are not at home learning and they are here rather. Because as a form three student who has less than a month to your external exams,you should be at home and not on the park.

The second boy,who is the younger one told me they went to school that day and it’s time for them to train. So that is why they are here to do so. We have come here purposely to train because we plan to, it’s in our schedule to train also.

We Have Passion For Football.

We love football, due to that, we are in a football camp. It is the football camp that train us on how to go about our football training, inspires us to do more and then, have a football match with other team of another camp.

The football camp is the reason why we are in school, they are the ones that put us into school and are catering for us.

That was where time could allow us to converse, as they were also so eager to continue their training. What do you think about their passion and studies clashed together, let me know what you think in the comment box below.


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