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What is pidgin English? Someone may ask, simply put, Pidgin English is a mixture of English and local languages which enables people who do not share a common language to communicate freely and well enough.

This form of English is widely spoken and used as a means of communication by students in various Universities and Senior High Schools all over the country.

In an interview with a student from the Ghana Institute of Journalism, (GIJ), the idea about what students make of pidgin is well articulated. According to the student, this style of language brings out a short-cut way of conveying messages from one person to another.

It is easily understandable and fun to speak especially when you are in the company of your friends and other peers. He also claims that pidgin English has been closely bonded with students and they cannot do away with the language.

Watch full short interview here.

The student also reiterates that even though pidgin is a fun speaking language, it creates lapses in the grammatical constructions of students, which most of the times, they find themselves wanting.

They strongly adapt to the language and find difficulty in trying to refrain themselves from speaking it. It reflects in their essays in most English language examinations conducted. Poor grades is a major effect pidgin language exposes students to.

Giving a needful advice, the GIJ student indicated that, pidgin is a bad language which influences students negatively and in order to improve upon your grammar, you have to make it a must not to speak pidgin because it can totally breakdown your eloquence in English Language and create setbacks in your academic life.


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