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The member of Parliament for Ayawaso North Constituency in the Greater Accra Region on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress, Hon. Yussif Issaka Jajah has cautiously admonished the good people of Nima and Mamobi, especially the youth to sit up and be extra serious with their lives.

This advice follows the incidence that transpired at the sporadic shooting between Nima and Mamobi on Tuesday evening by known gangs in the community.

“This is where I grew up, we went to the same school and played together, and if i am an MP today, what shows and tells that you can’t be one or more yourself,” the MP painstakingly advised the youth of Nima and Mamobi.

The MP, advices the youth in general base on the repercussions of the incident that occurred between Nima and Mamobi at Nima on Tuesday. Whiles voicing out his pleasant admonish to the people of Nima, he was really hurt within him that such an act should happen and most of it all, in the lives of the youth.

Hon. Yussif really tressed on his sentiments about what he has purposefully used his life to do amidst growing up in such contentious community like Nima. “If he who grew up in Nima has become an MP, why can’t they become one,” those were his genuine broken words.

He later urged that, normal conversation shouldn’t result in brutality. They can have their casual, friendly conversation, but it shouldn’t be fatal to the extent of taking someone’s life at the outcome of their irresponsibility.

Meanwhile, the Director-General of Police Public Affairs, ACP Kwesi Ofori, who addressed the media at the police headquarters stated emphatically that, Two more persons are in the grips of the police over their alleged role in the sporadic shooting incident at Nima, a suburb of Accra.


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