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Sad news hits Ghana as lives and properties get destroyed in Appiatse, a suburb of Bogoso in the Western region of Ghana as a truck carrying explosive substances somersaults down the community’s road after colliding with a motorcycle causing a huge outburst.

Most building structures in the town were brought down as a result of the intensity and gravity of the ravaging explosion and the saddest part of the incident is that, 17 inhabitants who were at home at the time of the incident loses their lives with some 59 getting injured and their arms and legs amputated.

The driver of the truck which wreaked this havoc escaped as it somersaulted. News gathered indicates that the driver urged individuals who were going close to the burning truck to take videos of the incident to move back but they did not heed to his advice and they kicked their buckets at the end.

They were ignorant and negligent of whatever that was happening. Reporters disclosed that at the time of the explosion, a number of the inhabitants of Appiatse were running into their rooms as a safe haven to make an escape but they perished because of the collapse of the buildings caused by the unexpected explosion.

Others had their heads decapitated while few people survived and are currently in critical condition.

Agents from the Natural Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) have moved to the site of the incident to retrieve the bodies of the affected people and also provide them with foodstuffs and other materials.

However, the President of the country commiserated and shared his condolences with the family of the lost souls of the Appiatse community and hopes that they rest peacefully in the bosom of the creator.

The Vice President of the Republic, H.E Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is currently in Appiatse with the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Akuffo Dampare to personally gathering first-hand information after Thursday’s explosion.

Meanwhile, some Muslim groups on Tuesday, 18th January, 2022, a Public peace was threatened as these two groups battled head to head out with weapons such as; guns, sharp cutlasses and machetes while others sustained severe wounds due to their involvement in the clash, the dispute was between Nima and Mamobi.


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