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The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has released its annual mandatory SRC election results for all students to know who won this year’s election as many contested. This happens yearly and it’s the responsibility of the electoral commission of the institution to handle that task.

The Student Representative Council in all universities and institutions is a second body of authority in all schools that work in hand with management of schools to provide the best for the students body and resolve their concerns. The development of SRC in schools is for student governance to be based on participatory democratic values in the development of the youth.

The SRC believes that, all those who are affected by social institutions must have a say in producing and managing them, and students must also be given the chance to partake in decision making that will affect them in the short run at everywhere they find themselves.

Master Michael Abuah, the newly SRC President, was the President for the College Science department, but because he wanted to run for the SRC presidential race, he had to resigned as the president of SCISA , which is, Science Students Association.

KNUST is no exception as they conducted their annual mandatory SRC election yesterday and released the results just yesterday due to students voting on a machine, which was coagulated on its own and produced the results afterwards.

As the results came out yesterday, smiles were on the faces of the campaigners, supporters and voters of Master Michael Abuah, as he came out successfully as the winner of the 2020/2021 election Organized in KNUST by the electoral commission. Master Michael Abuah contested with a lot, but he stood tall among them all. He surpassed the rest with 5,024 votes, which is 37.03% of the total vote cast. Although news coming in is that, one of the candidates say he Rejects the results.

Master Michael Abuah with his vice, Master Reginald Amo Yeboah, is very profound to the Student body for entrusting them with such a mandate and promised all to never fail them in the coming year. “This is not just a postilion, but it requires more hard and smart work and also consolidate more for the greater glory of the SRC-student body,” he said this in a released statement.

He also extended his unflinching gratitude to his opponents and urged them to team up and work hard, the electoral commission team on campus, his supporters and campaigners, and the student body most especially for choosing him as their SRC.


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