Three things, as they say, cannot be long hidden for so long; the moon, the sun, and the Truth. For months, weeks and days, you have waited and anticipated with us for this very day, and I am glad to inform you, we have finally arrived.

Here comes Andy Oppong online Tv news, we are here to serve you with trending and hidden news around the nation, and the world at large from all divers within the country. Stay calm and be focus to receive a wonderful news update from us. My team and I will work assiduously around the clock to provide you with the best content of news.

This trailer sets in motion the list of events the Andy Oppong Journalistic team will be bringing to your way on this platform. It centers on different terrains associated with humanity that is; politics, sports, entertainment, business, health and other social issues.

Unravelling the mystery behind certain occurrences and bringing to light unattended issues is another branch of focus and reason for the introduction of the trailer. Be patient and keep calm as we bring you exciting and best contents, and all the gists you have been waiting with bated breath for.

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